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Kicking a volleyball | July 28, 2008

Date of Urge: July 17, 2008

Time of Urge: 8:15ish PM

Location: Bar with volleyball courts

Description of Urge: Each week my friends and I gather to play cornhole (bean bag toss) at a bar that also has sand volleyball courts and a league that plays at the same time as we do.  Every so often a volleyball will come careening out into our play field and someone will come running after it.  This past week the person chasing was an attractive girl wearing a pair of small shorts and a sports bra.  As she came running i got the almost uncontrollable urge to just punt the volleyball as far as I could and stand there laughing.

Why the urge was controlled: Fear of retribution by the rest of the her team, loss of reputation as a “pretty nice guy.”

Extra comment: This is an urge with which I am constantly battling.  As mentioned, the volleyball comes into our play field every week.  I will update if I ever act.


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What do we consider an almost uncontrollable urge? Well, first we need to establish a definition. Almost: al*most, [awl-mohst], -adverb, meaning: very nearly. Uncontrollable: un*con*trol*la*ble, [un-kuh n-troh-luh-buhl], -adjective, meaning: incapable of being controlled or restrained. Urge: [urj], -noun, meaning: an involuntary, natural, or instinctive impulse. Therefore, an almost uncontrollable urge is an involuntary, natural or instinctive impulse that is very nearly incapable of being controlled or restrained. These A.U.U.'s occur mostly in public settings, as there is very little to constrain a person in a private setting. The urge is frequently overcome due to any number of things, such as: societal standards, fear of retribution, fear of prosecution, fear of being left alone after having embarrased a significant other for the last time, etc. This is simply a list of several of the AUU's that we have had.







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