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On the way home from the ballpark | July 29, 2008

Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time: Approximately 10:30 pm

Location: outside a baseball stadium

Description: On Saturday, I was attending a baseball game at my local professional baseball park.  As we were walking away from the game (the home team lost) we were going down an incline (decline?).  To the right of the sidewalk was a series of concrete pillars with chains connecting each one (bringing to mind the velvet rope).   Well, hanging on to the bottom of one of these chains and leaning over was a little girl of approximately 3 years.  She was holding onto the chain behind her back and sort of leaning out away from me and into the street (pedestrian area, no traffic). I had the almost uncontrollable urge to just punt her across the street.  She was set up for it perfectly.

Control: Contrary to popular opinion, i’m not a complete dick.  Also, her father was there and he probably would have (rightfully) kicked my ass.


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What do we consider an almost uncontrollable urge? Well, first we need to establish a definition. Almost: al*most, [awl-mohst], -adverb, meaning: very nearly. Uncontrollable: un*con*trol*la*ble, [un-kuh n-troh-luh-buhl], -adjective, meaning: incapable of being controlled or restrained. Urge: [urj], -noun, meaning: an involuntary, natural, or instinctive impulse. Therefore, an almost uncontrollable urge is an involuntary, natural or instinctive impulse that is very nearly incapable of being controlled or restrained. These A.U.U.'s occur mostly in public settings, as there is very little to constrain a person in a private setting. The urge is frequently overcome due to any number of things, such as: societal standards, fear of retribution, fear of prosecution, fear of being left alone after having embarrased a significant other for the last time, etc. This is simply a list of several of the AUU's that we have had.







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