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Red Rover | August 20, 2008

If only this league truly existed, I might be able to control this urge.

If only this league truly existed, I might be able to control this urge.

Date of Urge:  08-19-2008

Time of Urge:  6:15 p.m.

Location of Urge:  Near the campus of my local university

Description of Urge:  So…this marks the beginning of college school terms.  Which, unfortunately, means that an incredibly large number of obnoxious students are moving back into the area.  While having a major university in my backyard is nice for all of the interesting stuff it provides for the community, a large group of students are self-centered idiots who take up a lot of room at all events worth going to and go ahead and trash the sidewalks with broken bottles neglecting to realize that all sorts of people walk on the sidewalk to include little kids.  Everytime I see a group of students walking side by side by side by side down the sidewalk, all talking on their individual cell phones and not to each other, and not moving out of the way of anyone else, but rather making sure that you, the individual taking up the least amount of space, I want to yell out “Red Rover, Red Rover, let me come on over!” while I take off in a sprint and smash between a couple of them.

Why urge was controlled:  I’m not really sure…hopefully I will lose control next time this happens.


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What do we consider an almost uncontrollable urge? Well, first we need to establish a definition. Almost: al*most, [awl-mohst], -adverb, meaning: very nearly. Uncontrollable: un*con*trol*la*ble, [un-kuh n-troh-luh-buhl], -adjective, meaning: incapable of being controlled or restrained. Urge: [urj], -noun, meaning: an involuntary, natural, or instinctive impulse. Therefore, an almost uncontrollable urge is an involuntary, natural or instinctive impulse that is very nearly incapable of being controlled or restrained. These A.U.U.'s occur mostly in public settings, as there is very little to constrain a person in a private setting. The urge is frequently overcome due to any number of things, such as: societal standards, fear of retribution, fear of prosecution, fear of being left alone after having embarrased a significant other for the last time, etc. This is simply a list of several of the AUU's that we have had.







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